Multiple internet WAN at home or office

It’s not uncommon to see on many offices that the Internet connection comes from several WAN connections (for redundancy, or whatever). Even on the more freak homes I’ve seen a multiwan setup (i.e., one wan from the ISP, other from a vpn, and other wan being stolen from the neighbors).

I know three methods for managing automatically more than one WAN connection. Best yet, automatically but meeting several rules (i.e.: youtube transit sent to wan1, bittorrent to wan2 and HTTPS transit to wan3).

Method 1: RouterOS PCC

Mikrotik routers can handle natively a multiwan setup through PCC (Per Connection Classifier). Packets must be marked with a routing mark and then the PCC chosses where to send them. Best references:

Method 2: OpenWRT MWAN3

MWAN3 is a package for OpenWRT that do the job and can be configured in a easy and visual way. So you need a powerful router fully compatible with OpenWRT and MWAN3. I have an ex-coworker that uses this stuff and wrote this excellent post:

Method 3: Linux

Method 1 and 2 requires a special router, but this method only requires a Linux Box with two or more ethernet cards. I’ve not tested it but it seems very interesting because it’s not hardware-dependant. In fact, that software is designed for, given more than one WAN connection, discard the first that gets disconnected (hence the title of the project).

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