Our first computer and DOSGaming

It was late 80s when my father brought our first PC to our home. It was an 80286 at 8Mhz, 1024Kb of RAM and a 20Mb ST-225 Seagate Hard Disk. That hard disk occupied a 5.25″ bay and was connected via MFM interface, the IDE predecessor which used similar encoding as Floppy Disks.

That computer was accompanied by a Zenith EGA monitor (a noisy one thanks to its internal fan) and it was my first approaching to a computer!

I was so young (about ten) so I only used that computer for playing games. At that time, several games fitted into one floppy disk! That first games were Digger, Kong (Donkey), SpaceIN(vaders), GP (Grand Prix), Zaxxon, and more that I’ll explain in future posts.

Past several years, I upgraded to a 80286/16Mhz with 4Mb RAM, and at mid 90s I had an 80386/40Mhz with a 130MB Hard disk (that was the same PC, only updating motherboard and components).

Having a PC since late 80s, and having my own motherboard updates, there was where I started to learn all the skills that I have nowadays, that brought me to be a Sysadmin 😉

I still conserve several of that Hardware: 80286 motherboard, ST-225 20Mb Hard Disk, 8bit-ISA MFM HD Controller, a CGA/EGA/VGA Card and I save it as a treasure! In future posts I’ll post some photos of that hardware.

This is how it looked like playing on that times: 1998 PC Game Accolade’s Grand Prix.

Thanks to @dosnostalgic who has awaken my #DOSgaming spirit 😉

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