Streaming audio to two different targets (or networks)

It may sound strange, but one radio station (or somebody) may want to stream audio to two different networks. I had this special need in Boca Ràdio (a local Radio Station from Barcelona) because this station broadcasts through a provider and also broadcasts into (A community based, open and neutral network).

So, the box that transcode analog audio coming from the station’s sound mixer, it has to send it to:

  • Streaming provider in Shoutcast format
  • Localhost in Icecast format. In the same box there is an Icecast server listening to Guifi network clients. (Note that Icecast server may be running on another location).

I utilize this little transcoder: Darkice that reads configuration from /etc/darkice.cfg and sends analog audio coming from the Soundboard to the specified targets and in the specified format. It is available in Debian repo.

Configuring Icecast server is pretty straightforward but be sure that this items are properly configured: