Instant loading on Amstrad CPC(464)

Gotek drives are getting popular. It’s just floppy drives emulators used in vintage computers, ideal for instruments that use floppy disk or even legacy industrial computers. Of course, retro computers.

In fact, we recently installed a Gotek in our new Amiga 500!

But regarding the Amstrad CPC, exists a gadget that Greek enthusiast ikonsgr has built thanks to his electronics knowledge and love to retrocomputing stuff and is promised to be a better solution than the Gotek.

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Deluxe Paint (Catalan PC version)

One of my favourite childhood programs was Deluxe Paint (the PC version, as I had a PC when I was a child). Both used by professionals to make artwork or a child freeing its creativity. Why not?

I got the Catalan version of Deluxe Paint in 5.25″ floppies. Probably few copies remain left… The program is not translated, but the manual is.

DeluxePaint II – Versió en Català
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Laptops with randomly damaged TFT

As I said in my previous post, I’m a PC guy. So during the time I’ve been collecting retro stuff on the PC architecture. In the laptop chapter, I have four vintage laptops. The problem is that in two of them the LCD one day, randomly, appeared cracked. How in the hell can a LCD be cracked if the laptop has been stored and never touched? Have the LCDs “expiration date”?

In the other case (the oldest one) the LCD is fine, but the Plasma fluorescent backlight is burned. Why? One day it works, the other day (some years ago) it won’t turn on again. Ageing is not good, even for ourselves 😀

Let’s see them:

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Descansi en pau (2002-2009)

einesinfo2009-2009El bloc Eines! va néixer l’any 2002 com una humil pàgina personal on s’hi parlava de temes tecnològics, en català. En aquella època era difícil veure webs en català, i durant tots els anys que va funcionar va aportar el seu granet de sorra en fer créixer l’internet català.


Sempre quedarà la gran feina d’, on a més de la informació, s’hi pot veure les diferents aparences que ha tingut la web al llarg del temps.