Welcome home A500 and CPC464

I’m about to turn 40, so without knowing it, I’m through a midlife crisis. Or not. But any excuse is good to get some retro stuff!

I’m a PC/x86 guy. The first computer that arrived at home was circa 1987-88 and was a 80286 at 8Mhz, 640kB of RAM and a 20Mb 5.25″ Seagate hard drive. So I never had in my life another architecture (well, will talk about SPARC on another post) and taking advantage of this fake (or not) midlife crisis where 80s and childhood stuff is closer than ever, why not to play with Commodore (68000) and Amstrad (Z80)?

The main line is: I’m NOW discovering and playing with the computers that I supposed to play on late 80s. An era where, unlike now, time was widely available.

Thanks to an old university classmate (Thanks Pedro!) I got these cute computers and let’s get the party started!

Left to Right: Amiga 500 with the original Commodore 1084s CRT screen and Amstrad CPC464 also with its original monitor. The laptop (eeePC) not counting as retro (maybe yes?) is used to load tapes to the CPC.

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