Deluxe Paint (Catalan PC version)

One of my favourite childhood programs was Deluxe Paint (the PC version, as I had a PC when I was a child). Both used by professionals to make artwork or a child freeing its creativity. Why not?

I got the Catalan version of Deluxe Paint in 5.25″ floppies. Probably few copies remain left… The program is not translated, but the manual is.

DeluxePaint II – Versió en Català

These were paintings drawn by me in 1991:

My stuff when I was 9 years old

In fact, I used Deluxe Paint to do School works:

La Comarca del Montsià (Catalunya) | Random school work from 2-Oct-1991


Deluxe Paint was originally released for Commodore Amiga platform and later other architectures including PC. Deluxe Paint can be downloaded from abandonware sites.

An interesting fact is that Deluxe Paint was used by LucasArts to make graphics for their adventure games such as The Secret of Monkey Island, and the name of a particular filename used to store the main protagonist Guybrush Threepwood[2] was probably at the origin of his peculiar name. One of the main artist developer of the game, Mark Ferrari, in an interview for The Making of Monkey Island 30th Anniversary Documentary[3] remembers that «there was a pulldown menu in DPaint called brushes, so character sprites were referred to as brushes», and the male protagonist was simply “the guy.brush” until the artist Steve Purcell suggested taking the very name “Guybrush”. The author Ron Gilbert remembers that the PC-DOS version of the file was named “guybrush.bbm”.[4].


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