Lifetime mistakes (or how to get rid of valuable retro stuff)

I think that I’m not alone: How many of you have, at some point of your life, got rid of retro stuff that now you are regretting every day? I did.


  • Game Gear. It’s easy: I had a game gear and I sold it (probably for only a few pennies). WHY?
  • Master System II. Its big sister, with Alex Kidd in ROM and a few games: I sold it for 2000PTA (12 EUR). WHY???
  • Nintendo DS. The first Nintendo DS. I gave it away. WHY?
  • PSP. I sold it as I really didn’t use it. But I’m regretting anyway.


  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum. With membrane keyboard. And cassette corder. I give it away, and I don’t even remember it. WHY?
  • MSX Philips VG-8235. A retro passionate guy gave it to me circa 2005. And inexplicably, I got rid of it few years later. WHY??
  • Sparc Station IPX. With external CD-ROM, tape drive, 19″ Sony CRT monitor and optical mouse. I got rid of it for a misery. WHY???

And you? What stuff you got rid of, and you are still regretting now?

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