Gotek in Amiga2000

A workmate has an Amiga 2000 on his work desktop, with the original Commodore 1084S CRT monitor.

We work in a University in the Faculty of Computer Science, so having an Amiga 2000 in the main desktop makes sense. (In fact, I have a running 2008 iMac in the desktop).

The floppy disk was failing and in fact the original MFM hard drive was failing too so the A2000 had few opportunities to be powered on and really enjoyed.

So, today we installed a Gotek floppy drive emulator that brought back to life the Amiga 2000!

A2000 with Gotek drive

In another post, I will explain how to easily flash the firmware to the Gotek so you can use with your Amiga and save some pennies instead of buying one already flashed.

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